Drawer and Door Styles

The following drawer and door types illustrate the most prevalent options existing today, but the list is by no means exhaustive. Mirek Cabinets can produce nearly any door and drawer type imaginable.

Full Flush

Full Flush doors can be fabricated from solid wood, wood veneer, or plastic laminate. Almost exclusively used with flush overlay construction. Extremely versatile door type used extensively in contemporary cabinetry.

Raised Panel

Shown in a reveal overlay configuration, this door type is fabricated from solid wood stiles and rails with a solid wood or veneered wood inner raised panel. The raised panel "floats" within the stile and rail frame, accommodating seasonal dimensional changes due to humidity.

Arched Top, Raised Panel

Similar to the construction describe above, but fabricated with an arched top. Used almost exclusively on upper cabinets only. The stiles and rails are almost always detailed with a continuous decorative profile milled at the inside and outside edges.

Raised Panel, Painted

A painted version of the raised panel described above. Some painted raised panels doors can be fabricated from a single piece of medium density fiberboard to save costs and ensure dimensional stability.

Raised Panel, Painted, Arched Top

Similar to the construction described above. Used almost exclusively on upper cabinets only.

Recessed Panel, Flat

Similar to a raised panel, but with a flat "floating" center panel. The flat panel can be fabricated from solid wood or a wood veneer panel and stiles and rails can be profiled. Solid wood panels are often raised panels turned so that the raised portion faces inside the cabinet.

Arched Top, Recessed Panel

Similar to the construction described above, with an arched top.

Shaker Recessed Panel

A variation of the recessed panel, the Shaker door is extremely simple. Stiles and rails are milled without inner and outer profiles to achieve a simple elegance.

Recessed Panel, Beaded

Another variation on the recessed panel, this door type is constructed like a Shaker door but includes a small, separate bead around the inner perimeter of the floating flat panel.

Multiple Recessed Panel

Identical to the Shaker door but with multiple dividers. Drawer faces can be solid or have small recesses.

Beaded Panel

In this cabinet door, solid bead board forms the center panel. A raised moulding, often called a bolection moulding, covers the joint between the stile and rail frame and the inner panel.