Attractive crown, rich salmon pink color, smooth to the touch, closed grain.


White color, grain pattern often less distinguishable, very hard wearing.


Rich brown/tan color, fine texture, good width makes it easy to work with.

White Ash

Attractive symmetrical crown, very light color with yellow open grain structure, smooth texture, can have excellent straight quartered veneer.


Attractive crown, rich browny purple color, used as a substitute for its much more costly European brother.


Light brown in colour, grain structure can resemble Maple.

Birds-Eye Maple

A defect creates a series of small eyes to be spread across the veneer. Regularity of size and distribution adds value.


Attractive crown, rich medium/light brown color. Produces a good finish and stains well.


Attractive cathedral crown, rich pink/reddish color. Very smooth to the touch.

Red Oak

Attractive cathedral crown, light reddish color, grainy texture

White Oak

Attractive 'cathedral' crown, straight quartered veneer, consistent very light brown color.


Dark, reddish brown, quarters can be evenly stripped, symmetrical crown also available.

White Beech

Grain structure not always prominent, white/ creamy in colour, but fades with age. Difficult to produce due to hardness, tendency to buckle and to go off color.

Steamed Beech

Steaming helps to offset some of the production difficulties of White Beech. Light pink color, grain pattern not always prominent, very hard-wearing.


Attractive crown, best quality has a rich golden brown color, lesser prone to dark brown lines in the grain.